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The main activation of STARZ You can complete the main activation process from your computer. Just visit the official website of Starz or go through After that sign-up with a valid email ID.
Visiting the, a code will be available for peacocktv com tv activation. This will enable your access to peacocktv com and you will be able to watch different series online and NBC TV shows. Peacock Streaming was founded by NBC Universal.
Owned by MGM, it is a 24-hour premium TV network. It’s made up of the flagship Epix and Epix Drive-In channels, offering a total of four premium, ad-free, pay TV channels and on-demand services. was also among the first legacy cable channels to offer its library online, and it has adapted to that model well.
Start the Showtime Anytime app on your Smart TV. Login to your Showtime Anytime account. Select ‘Play’ or select ‘Activate’ from the Settings menu. An activation code appears on your screen. Now, visit Showtime anytime/activate using your web browser. Enter the code and press ‘Submit’. Navigate to the Showtime Anytime channel on Apple TV. Choose a program to watch and press Play” or “Activate.

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