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Welcome, dear members and guests!

Welcome to The Blue Knight, the first English Blue Exorcist forum.

Blue Exorcist (also known as Ao no Exorcist) is a manga series written by Kazue Kato. It's the story of a boy who discovers he is the son of Satan and decides to become an exorcist. The series is very popular with manga fans all over the world and has been translated into several languages, including English. It has also been adapted into an anime, an anime movie and a stage play.

However, despite the series' huge popularity, we could not find a single English forum dedicated to the franchise - which is why we decided to create our own. We hope you will enjoy the series and this site as much as we do, and that we may see you around for a long time. :)

Go to the forum.

Blue Exorcist is the property of Kazue Kato. While we do allow links to chapters that haven’t been published yet, we encourage you to buy the official volumes for chapters that have appeared in English.
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