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medical alert information
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:10:08 AM »
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Re: medical alert information
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There are certain "direct access" barristers who can be instructed directly by clients only to represent them in court; the client has done their own legal work. Typically, a solicitor will instruct a barrister (paperwork). The first instructions, the issuance of proceedings, the collection of evidence, the preparation of the case for the hearing, and finally the instruction of the barrister (also known as counsel for court) are all the responsibility of the solicitor.

The fee for a barrister will vary according to the difficulty of the case, the travel distance and expenses, and the volume of work required. For instance, a lawyer may need to undertake a lot of reading and background research if they are unfamiliar with the case before they are "court ready." A lawyer will obtain the cost of a barrister for a client so they may determine if they want to hire that barrister or not. When you have been granted a court date, it might be difficult to choose a specific lawyer to represent you. It might be challenging to try to fit issues into everyone's schedule, including your spouse's, so you might need to be adaptable and look at different counsel choices.
Although your solicitor will be able to recommend a few barristers they have dealt with in the past, you are free to select your own. The majority of people prefer to choose a barrister that their attorney suggests since they are familiar with how they operate best together, but ultimately, you are paying, so you may choose.

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Re: medical alert information
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