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Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 122 ENG
« on: July 06, 2020, 09:46:52 PM »
At this, and the number of times Yukio was aiming for Rin's heart... I am also left wondering if he is trying to reawaken Rin's feral demon side again to inadvertently take out the ship. Since the seraphim were going to be wiped out, it was hard to miss how Yukio seemed to be making unspoken plans for something. 

Like that grate... is that going to be a trap, or an escape route? Now we have to wait another month to find out.
If Yukio is trying to make Rin go berserk, it's to make Rin try to kill him. It's what he said in chapter 121, he wants Rin to kill him or at least try to kill him.

He already used the grate as a trap. While Rin was running towards Yukio at the end, Yukio moved back and Rin stepped on the unstable grate making him lose his balance.

EDIT: But yeah, this fight... As someone who practice many combat sports, there are a few things that didn't make sense to me. It's been a long time since I've done this; here's one of my fight reviews.

First, I like how Yukio takes off his vest and rolls up his sleeves. Whenever I see someone fight in a suit without doing this, I think it must feel stiff as hell. I give a pass to the exorcist coat, because it's a coat, which means it's less tight than a vest or a shirt, and because I don't know which material it's made off, so I just hope it's a flexible one, like some fabrics blend, and not 100% cotton or leather...

When Rin grabs Yukio in a chokehold, I thought "God damn, Rin is starting strong" because that's one hard move to pull and hard to get out of. But then, it's not clear, but it seems like yukio just hits Rin's arms with the back of his guns, and Rin just lets go of Yukio. That was odd and disappointing. I didn't expect Rin to let go of such a good hold just because he got hit with the back of a gun...

After Rin let go of the choke, their positions doesn't make sense. Rin seemed to be going for a complete proper choke, with the arms and legs. But after he let go of the arms, because he was hit there, he also gives up on grappling him with is legs, which makes no sense at all, even for a begginer in grappling. Not only that but, like I said, the poses don't make sense, how Rin went from one to the next is mind boggling. Rin's legs were in a forward motion to grab Yukio's waist, but when he let go of the choke, he put his left hand on Yukio's sholder (which is a really bad idea, but I can believe a beginner would do something like that), but how on earth did he get his legs to suddenly go in a backward motion; they're not under water or in a low gravity space and no matter how strong Rin is, he can't redirect his whole body motion from the only contact point of his hand on Yukio's shoulder.

Then Yukio has the time to turn around before Rin touches the ground, which is an extremely fast turn. This is Dragon Ball level of speed right there.

Talking of speed, Yukio's wrist turn was also super fast. Or it was Rin's punch that was super slow.

Rin grappling Yukio's collar before punching is completly pointless. But this is a very common begginer's mistake, so I can believe that. It's pointless because if you want to punch the target immediately, the hand that punch and the hand that grapple will arrive at your target at about the same time. So it's not like the grapple will help keep your target in place. And it's not like it's going to make the punch stronger, if anything it's going to make it weaker.

So concidering the grab and the punch should have arrived at roughly the sane time, it's incredible Yukio was fast enough to fit a wrist grab between Rin's collar grab and his punch.

A wrist turn is about a 4 movements technique. There they only show two moves. Catching the wrist and throwing to the ground. They didn't show how Yukio broke the hand grab nor how he moved his body to destabilize Rin before throwing him. Showing the whole thing would have looked much better. Right now, it feels like he just didn't do the grab break or destabilizing at all. Which looks like a very amateurish idea of what a wrist turn is.

When Rin is punching repeatedly and Yukio is blocking without moving. That's weird. Why does Rin keep punching Yukio's guard? He should just try to pnch in the holes of his guard. If Yukio guards the front, punch the side; if he guards the face, punch the stomach... That's boxing 101.

When Yukio stops guarding, does a dodge, grab and hit the chin then the stomach with a knee strike. That's perfect though. Good job katoh.

I really got to go, so I'll stop there. Most of the rest was ok. But a lot of strange things in this fight...

EDIT2: Of course, despite my critiques, the fight was great. It had tension, which is the most important thing.

By the way, as far as I can tell, Rin is jealous of Yukio for many things, but I don't think strenght (as in who would win in a fight) is one of them. He said that he always saw Yukio as a weak little brother that needed to be protected by him.
Also, that "cool guys list" Rin showed Renzou in the IK arc (boy that brings me back). I'm still not sure what are the criteria of the rankings on that list, but Rin ranked Yukio below him... So, even though Rin is jealous of Yukio on many things, clearly he still think he has some advantages over Yukio. And, as a guy who likes to brawl, one of them is probably strenght or the ability to win in a fight. Though it's definetly not the only one.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Yukio Okumura
« on: June 28, 2020, 10:14:53 PM »
If Yukio had figured out and solved the problem on his own, then it would be back to business as usual.
But if Yukio talked to anyone about it, before solving or even understanding anything, it could have had ireversible consequences.
Even if he talked in a "What if" kind of way, it would definitely raise suspicions and people would have started to watch him more closely.
I disagree. It's actually quite natural if he has these kind of questions and discussed it with others, even if he never find any symptom. It's more suspicious if he never talked about it and then others find that.
Suspicions about what? If they already found out, it's not a matter of suspicions anymore.

After the IK arc, Yukio expected that something might happen in his examination so he delayed it. In the end he didn't find any solution and just went to the examination. Then he was surprised nothing found. I don't see how this can be a clever decision.
Well, he couldn't know in advance that the examination would turn out negative.

Which means less chances to go out at night and try to figure out what the problem with his eye is.
Then Shima reported to Mephisto, and Mephisto warned Yukio directly. From the start the secret training is a bad idea. How can Yukio know how much blue flame he would release and whether anybody would notice him?

His plans are usually full of flaws that he didn't notice. It's actually quite reasonable since he's too young.
Trying to be as secretive as possible, he still had some risks of being found out. But if he outed himself by talking to other people about it, he would have had way more risks of being found out.

Even if his plan had flaws, he tried to take all the precautions he could to not be found out.

Also, no plan and no one is flawless. I don't think at all Yukio thinks his plan or himself is flawless.

When he saw people were getting suspicious or people out right finding out the things he was hiding, I'm sure he blamed himself for not doing things correctly. Though what he thought was probably "I should have hidden it better" or "I should have solved the problem sooner"; and not "I shouldn't have kept it to myself or try to solve it by myself" nor "I should have asked for help" (Which is what you want him to think. Though, like I said, it's easier said than done for someone with trust issues).

People with trust issues may live all their lives testing others for reliability more than others do.
The best way to help people with trust issues, is for these people's friends to learn how to be more reliable. It's not like being reliable is a bad thing anyway.
The best way is not to expect the person with trust issues to just figure out by themselves how to solve their own trust issues.
It's probably like you said in our relatively peace world. But in Yukio's case it's different. Before volume 20 he was in a dangerous situation that he might be discovered and the Order could be against him. And now he can't deal with Satan. I'd say he doesn't have time to wait for others to learn how to be more reliable, and he even doesn't have time to test reliability.
The more dangerous the situation is, the more careful you need to be.

It's like, if I want to drive a car at 50km/h, it's good if I tie my security belt, but if I want to drive a car at 500km/h, it's even more important that I tie my security belt. If someone said "It's too dangerous, no time to tie the belt"... I really don't know what to reply to that. I'm sorry. x)

If he thinks there is dangers in people finding out his secret, why would he tell his secret to others? The risk would be worth taking if he thought these people can really help him. But if he thinks they can not help him, then it's a high risk no reward situation.

What he need to do is try to carefully and selectively get help from people even if they're not 100% reliable.
I never said they need to be 100% reliable. They just need to be a little reliable. Many of them refused to do or failed to do things that were well within their powers, at a time when Yukio was asking of them things that were way simpler than some of his biggest problems. If you can't trust someone to do something simple, how can you trust them to do something way more complex? x(

It's true that they're not trustworthy, but that's not really abnormal in a situation like that.
It's true it's an extreme situation.

But they really had the chance to help Yukio.
They did have the chance and failed, but that's Murphy's law. After all, Yukio can't expect things just go well as he wants.
If I consider trusting a friend with something important, but before doing so, my friend gives me many signs that lead me to believe I really shouldn't trust them, then the wise thing to do is to not trust them, and either rely on someone else or chose to rely only on myself. You always have to expect things might go wrong. But the correct way to act with this principle in mind is to try and prevent problems before they occur and to be prepared for when they will occur if you couldn't prevent them. The correct way is not to ignore danger thinking "it will go wrong anyway, so why bother being careful". If his friends give him many signs he can't trust them on simple things, why would he just ignore these warning signs and move on to trust them with something more important? "Because if it's more important his friends might take it more seriously and become more reliable"? It's not impossible, but I wouldn't count on that, personally.

I don't know. He never respond to Shura's warning of mental healthy. I don't really see when he seems regret in the story
There's so many instances, I'm not sure where to start.
Pretty much everyone notices Yukio's inferiority complex and self-loathing.
When you feel inferior and hate yourself, it's not because you think you're perfect and never do any mistakes, it's because you think you're flawed and do a lot of mistakes.
Often you just see it in his expressions and reactions after he did something he regrets. The first examples of this that comes to mind is after he threatened Ryuuji with a gun or after he pushed Shiemi to the ground. I'm absolutely sure he noticed those were mistakes and regretted doing both of those things.
Those are more close to impulsive actions and then he immediately regretted. But he didn't seem to ever considered to change his long term plans even if they failed.
Well, the failure of long term plans are less easy to assess, especially if the full consequences of these actions are not yet known. You can't fully regret something if it's not completely over and you have a chance to look back at it.

Also, even if a long term plan went wrong, you never know if a different plan could have went better or even more wrong.
(Unless you're like Mephisto and you keep playing with time lines...)

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Yukio Okumura
« on: June 23, 2020, 07:39:19 PM »
It's not only about becoming independent or not (which I think could be trained by dedicated programs), but it's more about learning from others. No one has to rely too much on others in a team mission. Even if some of the team members are much stronger than others, the load could be balanced by carefully design and distributed tasks, just as what happened in the seven mystery arc.

In Yukio's case, since he does understand his own problem than others, there's no way he could rely too much on others. I don't feel Yukio really concerns becoming weak as an individual. I think he concerns becoming "looks weak".
No matter if the team is balanced or not, no matter if teammates are helping each other just as much as the next one, if someone is always working in a team, they will never learn how to work alone. And the opposite is also true.

I don't think Yukio is doing the right thing. I think he's trying too much to work alone and to solve his problems on his own. But I understand why he's doing this. It's hard to find the perfect balance between relying on others too much and not relying on others enough.

I don't think it's faulty logic to say "taking help = weak". In fact, I think it makes perfect sense. It wouldn't make sense to ask for help about something you're able to do by yourself without any problem. It's when you see you're not able to do something by yourself that you ask for help. So you have to acknowledge your weaknesses before asking for help.

Or, if you don't want to ask for help, after acknowledging your weaknesses, you can also decide to try to get better at solving your problems and doing things on your own. But there's a limit to that. There's always a point when one has to ask for help.

Yukio just doesn't want to ask for help and wants to do everything by himself. And I think it's because he has trust issues.

But even Yukio, who has severe trust issues, reached that point where he realized he had to ask for help. But people let him down by not offering the help he needed...

He also acted like that in front of his classmates and students. And in front of his brother before chapter 1. It doesn't look like just an attitude at work.
His father was his teacher and the leader of the Order.
His school is a base for the Order and walls have eyes and ears.
It's no surprise he would act like this all the time.

Also, even under normal circumstances, it's not surprising if someone's work ethic influence the way they act in their lives outside of work.

Yukio couldn't have much time to talk to others after he learned it's Satan in his eye. I was referring more about the time when he's still unsure what kind of power in his eye. Even if he's afraid something bad might happen if other people know that, he could use some indirect approach like " What if I also inherited Satan's power " to test what other people might suggest.
You're right, he only recently confirmed it was Satan. With fan theories going on for so long, I mixed it up there for a moment.

Still, whether it's Satan possessing his eye or him having inherited Satan's power, like you said, it's still pretty bad.

He already had an idea of what they would do to him based on what they did to Rin.

Among other things, Rin was assigned two guardians to surveil him 24/7: Shura and Yukio himself.
If Yukio gets into the same situation as Rin, not only Yukio won't be able to be Rin's guardian anymore, but Yukio will most likely be assigned guardians of his own.
We don't know if the new guardians will be as lenient and permissive as Shura and Yukio.

If Yukio had figured out and solved the problem on his own, then it would be back to business as usual.
But if Yukio talked to anyone about it, before solving or even understanding anything, it could have had ireversible consequences.
Even if he talked in a "What if" kind of way, it would definitely raise suspicions and people would have started to watch him more closely.
Which means less chances to go out at night and try to figure out what the problem with his eye is.

So I don't really suggest Yukio to "rely" or "trust". I think he needs to have some input rather than always thinking by his own, but eventually it's still up to his judgement about what's the correct next step.
But you have to trust someone to give them information they could use against you.
If it's information they can't really use against you in any way, then it's fine. But it's not the case here.

So he should stop testing reliability.
Since it's sensitive information, I don't think he should stop testing reliability.

But even if he should, there's also the problem that it's easier said than done.
If someone has trust issues, he can't just start trusting people because that's the right thing to do.
It's like expecting someone with arachnophobia to chose to stop being arachnophobic after you've explained to them why common spiders aren't scary. It doesn't work like that I'm afraid.
People with trust issues may live all their lives testing others for reliability more than others do.
The best way to help people with trust issues, is for these people's friends to learn how to be more reliable. It's not like being reliable is a bad thing anyway.
The best way is not to expect the person with trust issues to just figure out by themselves how to solve their own trust issues. It's actually the worst way. If you do that, it might even back fire and the person will just end up isolating themselves more and more.

It's true that they're not trustworthy, but that's not really abnormal in a situation like that.
It's true it's an extreme situation.

But they really had the chance to help Yukio.

All Rin had to do was hold his promise and tell Yukio he would help him even if it would be hard for him.
Shiemi should have had taken what he said seriously instead of brushing it off and pushing her own feelings onto it.
Mephisto could just stop purposefully driving Yukio crazy because he wants to incite Rin to act.
The one who acted in the best way so far, in taking Yukio's distress seriously and seriously wanting to help, was Ryuuji. But he also didn't want to break Lightning's trust, so he couldn't help Yukio at the moment he really needed it.

I don't know. He never respond to Shura's warning of mental healthy. I don't really see when he seems regret in the story
There's so many instances, I'm not sure where to start.
Pretty much everyone notices Yukio's inferiority complex and self-loathing.
When you feel inferior and hate yourself, it's not because you think you're perfect and never do any mistakes, it's because you think you're flawed and do a lot of mistakes.
Often you just see it in his expressions and reactions after he did something he regrets. The first examples of this that comes to mind is after he threatened Ryuuji with a gun or after he pushed Shiemi to the ground. I'm absolutely sure he noticed those were mistakes and regretted doing both of those things.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Yukio Okumura
« on: June 20, 2020, 06:16:54 AM »
I remember someone have said it's weird to regard taking help = weak, but somehow Yukio thinks so. If you also consider that Yukio had kept acting as a polite and humble young exorcist who constantly joins team missions, it's more strange that he insists to act tough now.
I don't think it's weird.

When you take someone's help, you become stronger as a team.
But when you do things on your own, you become more self-reliant and stronger as an individual.
When you rely too much on others and not enough on yourself, you become weak as an individual.
And when you don't rely enough on others and rely too much on yourself, you become weak as a team.

Also, one can be polite and humble and obeying orders, at the same time as distrusting others. He was acting like that because that's what he needed to do to climb the ladder. When you distrust others, you want to gain power to be able to counteract them whenever they will betray you or be able to rectify their mistakes whenever they will fail you. One way to gain power is to play by the rules and climb the ladder.
But when Yukio's position on the ladder started to become shaky (mainly because of Satan being in his eye), he abandoned that ladder and tried to gain power in less conventional ways.

Unreliable is one thing, but that's not enough reason to refuse considering other opinions. Yukio doesn't have to blindly follow other people, but it's not that bad to have a talk and check if there's some valuable points.
In this case, it can be that bad. Because once you start telling exorcists something as serious as "Satan is in my eye", they're not simply going to tell you what they think you should do and let you decide, they'll most likely immediately start taking actions (actions you may not agree with) and they won't ask your opinion... and that's exactly what they did when they put him in that jail.

Recently (afte Aomori arc) I think he only went to Mephisto in a very rush way. Although he asked Rin why he doesn't want to know their past, it's not directly about his problem. He asked Shiemi for a comfort, but it's not directly about his problem either. He wanted Lightning and Bon to tell him what they found, and he wanted to know which side Shima is. All of these talk (except that one time with Mephisto) is Yukio wants something or some information from others, but not really about consulting his problem for potential solutions.
Whenever people have to ask something very serious to someone else, they often approach the subject carefully. They go to them and start with small-talk, then they move to subjects that are more and more serious and which get closer and closer to the subject they want to get to.
That's often for two reasons; first you want to mentally prepare the other person and second you want to test the other person and see whether or not they'll be able to help you.
If, before you even have the chance to get to the main subject, the other person shows you they can't be trusted or relied upon, you can stop there and never get to say what you wanted to say innitially.

Rin promised Yukio that he can always count on him, but when Yukio comes to him asking for his help, with a desperate look on his face, for the relatively simple request of trying to find more info about their past, Rin just flat out refuses to help, completely breaking his promise... It's not surprising for Yukio to decide he can't rely on Rin after all.

Shiemi always seemed to understand him pretty well, but when he went to ask her for help, he started by telling her how he felt, but then she just started saying he was wrong... about how he felt (which is never a nice thing to do), and told him to let Rin help him, even though she knew he went to see her because he just had a fight with Rin...

Yukio asked Ryuuji, Lightning and Mephisto to give him info, and they just refused... more or less (Ryuuji wanted to, but refused and Lightning pretended not to want to, but then did it). Why should he trust them with something like "Satan is in my eye, what do you think I shoud do?" if they don't seem to trust him enough to give him some info about himself?

He asked Renzou on which side he was on, and Renzou refused to answer clearly. Can you trust someone like that?

Yukio tested them to see if they were trustworthy and they failed the test one way or another. So obviously he never got to the main subject for which he reached out to them.

Yukio's tendency to jump to extreme resolution, started when he tried to test the power of his eye by dangerous training, or even started when he hide the conversation with Toudou and Lucifer in his reports. Those are obviously bad decisions, but he didn't notice. I'd prefer if the author could elaborate it more in the future, telling us why Yukio becomes like this.
But if Yukio suspected the Order might be against him anytime, he should behave more carefully and avoid reckless action. Since Rin and Shiemi could identify that Yukio was hiding something, Yukio couldn't expect other exorcists never notice that. Actually he did suspect Mephisto knew his secret and later heard Shima's warning. I just feel that Yukio seemed naively assuming he was doing his role perfectly, which makes him less smart than he should be.
I think he noticed his mistakes. Not all of them, but many of them. I think Yukio became more and more reckless not only as his situation became worse and worse, but also as he realized that he was making more and more mistakes. I don't think he thinks he was doing his role perfectly, especially near the end. His mask started slipping more and more often, and he noticed it, and he seemed to beat himself down for it every time.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
« on: June 13, 2020, 04:52:12 AM »
They more or less mentioned the point during their conversation with Yukio, but they failed to precisely focus on the topic, to demand a solid answer, to corner Yukio to a point that he must reconsider his judgement. [...] Yukio thinks these talks are meaningless since he thinks he is smart enough and understand his own situation and concludes that he knows the best (or the only) way for his problem.

Fundamental problem: Yukio didn't consider the possibility that other people might come up with some alternative choice which could be better than what he had decided by his own. Turns out nobody can skip this fundamental problem and reach Yukio directly. That's what I think they should force Yukio to reconsider. Not about character or  emotional development, but about utilizing the collective intelligence of his friends and making judgement after discussion.
I think the problem is for Yukio, taking help from others especially his brother is a sign of weakness for him. His inferiority complex and his self loathing doesn't let him seek help since he associates asking for help from others with his own weakness. I don't think anyone can reach out to him properly because for him to take help he would believe that proves his weakness and that is something he never wants to see himself as.
Yeah, that's a real problem.

What's ironic is that Yukio isn't weak at all. He simply has way too much on his shoulders and way to many expectations placed on him. Wanting to do it all alone only makes it harder. Anyone would break at this point.

Though it's not like he never asked for help. Especially on that night less than five days ago, he definitely realized he really needed to ask for help. He went to Rin for help, and Rin turned him down. Then he went to Shiemi for help, and she somehow said all things he didn't want to hear. Then he went to Mephisto for help, and Mephisto turned him down...

It's already hard for him to ask for help, and then when he does, they let him down.

And it's not the first time either, for important things, but for small things too. Remember the scene where Yukio asks Rin to buy him a water bottle and Rin forgets? It's just one small thing. But Yukio said something about Rin always being unreliable like that.

Yukio doesn't rely on the people around him. But who can really blame him when we consider the people around him are people like Rin, Shiemi, Shura, Mephisto... I don't want to be mean, but they are rather unreliable, each in their own way.

(Got to go. No time to reread. Enjoy my raw script.)

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
« on: June 09, 2020, 07:25:55 PM »
The problem is ... does Yukio know that, there is the alternative solution to depend on others and accept who he is? While it's true that Rin isn't listening, it's also true that Rin points out Yukio's fundamental problem : he thinks he must be strong and solve his problem by his own strategy/strength.

I really hope someone can precisely tell Yukio what others think he can do. It's very simple : be honest to himself and his friends, and then seek the solution to his problems together (just as what Rin did in chapter 95). Until now I think Shima, Bon, Lightning, Shiemi, and Rin all failed to do that. Maybe Koneko can tell him?
If I remember correctly;

Rin told him "If you've got any problem, you can always count on your big brother to help you."
Shiemi told him "It's not true that you don't have any friends. I'm your friend! Everyone is worried about you. Rin too- ..."
Ryuuji told him "I don't need your apologies, just tell me what happened to you!"
Renzou told him "I'm not gonna help you, but you should get help from the ones close to you."
Lightning told him "Tell me everything you know, though I'm not gonna tell you anything I know" ... but then he gave him the USB key.

Shura and Toudou told him "You have to be honest with yourself."

What Yukio really needs right now, is to not have Satan in his eye anymore. And he needs a break from his jobs, all 4 of them.
(EDIT: I guess he quit all his jobs less than five days ago, but he isn't exactly taking a break...)
Soul searching and character improvement seems like a secondary level of importance right now, in my humble opinion.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
« on: June 06, 2020, 05:29:59 PM »
I really hope a part of Yukio just wants Rin to drive Satan away and not actually kill him, because he has so much going for himself, and people who love him and he deserves to live as much as the next person. I wish Rin was smart enough to read between the lines, but then he wouldn't be Rin if he didn't.
I hope so too.

Maybe Demon!Rin or Toudou or Karura will help Rin figure that out...?

I don't think anyone can. NeeNee, the creator and only moderator of this website hasn't given a sign of life since April 12, 2019. I hope she's alright. But that's why we can't do anything. Unless one of us has enough skills to hack into this website and take the reins of power from NeeNee. Or we could make a new copycat website and hope people will move on from this one to the new one... *shrug*

any predictions after rin and yukio fight?  it's getting good but the whole thing is confusing. yukio is a whole lotta level of confusion but i love ma boi yuki. im rooting for him more than rin lol fight me. i love yukio. i stand by him no matter what everyone in here just hates him and  that makes me sad.
I like Yukio too. Both Rin and Yukio have good points and bad points. Though, since the beginning of the series, Mephisto has been cornering Yukio more and more, no wonder Yukio's getting more and more hopeless and insane.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
« on: June 04, 2020, 05:07:42 PM »
Coming back to the forum like[...]
Welcome back! Even though this site has become infested with bots. x)

Rin even offered to take him to get the answers he wanted, and now he wants Rin to commit fratricide, because why, exactly?

Yukio explicitly says why. As long as he lives, Lucifer will chase after him to have his personal walkie-talkie to Satan, to say nothing about the Order. Eventually he'll get caught and be used to resurrect a mass-murderer. So the solution is to either depend on others for protection and accept his weakness... or seek every way to kill himself. It's the final "fuck you" to his enemies.

This is also pure rationalization to justify committing suicide, which he wants to do because he hates himself that much. He has attempted... fuck, five times now I think. He thinks everyone would be better off without him existing.

If you find this annoying, I think that's kinda the point. Suicidal depressed people in media are often only represented as sad broken birds who just need someone to hug them. That's just not the case. There's quite a number of suicidal depressed people who are complete total assholes in their effort to distance people and make others think they're not worth saving.
This is what I would think too, if it wasn't for the flashback with Shirou explaining the "Shock Treatment".

The best lies are the ones that are half true. I guess a part of Yukio really wants to die, but another part still wants to give it a shot. That's also true of suicidal people in real life.

I just checked the official translation. It says “suffer enough physical pain to cause death”. I think it’s mistranslated (yet again).

It said:


肉体=body (or) flesh
ほど=about (or) or so (or) more or less (or) the more (or) the less (or) compared to (or) enough to (or) such as it might/could/would/should (or) so much that it might/could/would/should (or) so little that it might/could/would/should (or) to the extent that it might/could/would/should
の= *connection word*
激痛=extreme pain
を= *object marker*
与える=give (or) reward (or) inflict

So: “inflict to (your) body such extreme pain that (you) might die”.

In other words, it’s not certain that the person will die, but the person risks dying.

Of course, the best outcome is if the person does not die in the end, while the demon fled the body.

To say you need to “suffer enough physical pain to cause death” sounds like dying is an unavoidable part of the process. Which is not, from what I understand.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
« on: June 04, 2020, 11:22:58 AM »
I feel there's some unknown hidden meaning in Lucifer's final command. Recently we are just sure that Homare doesn't just 100% obeys Lucifer's command without her own judgement, and this chapter she keeps reminding Lucifer to escape. But in the end she seems instantly fully understand Lucifer's somewhat strange conclusion "Only need to know where Yukio is" .
-He authorizes using the...Seraphim Pulse? Which sounds like a weapon but I have no idea what that is or why it might help
-Also he wants to know where Yukio is. Doesn't need him brought anywhere, just wants to know.
-Are you gonna...I dunno, try killing him with your mind again? It didn't work the first time? Need to talk to Satan maybe? who knows
Maybe Lucifer wants to use the Seraphim Pulse on him? Even though I don't know what it is.

It's not clear whether he's saying "You just need to find out his whereabouts (then you tell me and I will do something about him)." or "I/We just need to know his whereabouts (for now, and when the time comes when we'll really need him, at least, we'll know where he is)." In the first case, then Homare just needs to find him and immediately report back to Lucifer. In the second case, Homare will need to tail Yukio, because Yukio's whereabouts are definitely going to keep changing as he is trying to escape from both the Order and the Illuminati (that is, if he doesn't get killed on that ship, but I doubt it).

Also, it's important not to forget that "さえ(すれ)ばいい" doesn't mean "just/only do that and don't do anything else", it means "at the bare minimum, you have to do that, but if you can do more, do it".

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 120 ENG
« on: June 04, 2020, 10:46:40 AM »
We're getting a sib confrontation much sooner than I expected. I'm not sure what's gonna happen. Is it going to resolve here? That'd be anticlimactic. I'm hoping Yukio screws this up. Bonus points if Toudou comes back to throw a monkey-wrench into the reunion.
In the end Yukio screws up, but I feel like Rin equally screws up too. He fails to quickly tell Yukio what he just knows in chapter 120 about Shiro, and that should be his original motivation to meet Yukio immediately.
It's probably because I forgive people very easily. And because I don't like misunderstandings, especially the ones that drag on and lead to conflicts. But I hope they reconcile during or after this fight. And that they will successfully drive Satan out from Yukio's eye.

Also, I don't hope at all this is the end. Earthforge, you say "anticlimactic". But personally, I don't want it to be climactic neither. I don't think this is a final battle at all. They haven't fought any of the antagonistic Ba'al and haven't even met half of them yet. If there's a final battle with Satan, it would be better if he was possessing someone and not just parasitizing someone and basically just be on the sideline of the fight. Also, Shiemi's arc as barely began and I hope both Rin and Yukio will be part of it. Obviously, they can't both be part of it if they don't resolve their fight.

I also think Toudou will get free from the furnace. Karura too.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 121 ENG
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I wonder why [Lucifer] is adamant on knowing Yukio's location. Chinonamida's translation seems to imply he wants Yukio shown where he belongs but this translation seems to imply he just wants his or Satan's location.
This is my bad.

I'm used to "居場所/ibasho" meaning "place where one belongs" and "行方/yukue" meaning "whereabouts".
But "居場所/ibasho" can also sometimes mean "whereabouts".

Lucifer said:


居場所=whereabouts (or) place where one belongs
判れ=understand (or) know (or) see (or) find (or) tell (or) recognize ...

So: "Please find X" "It's good if-only/as-long-as X understand X's 居場所".

Reading and translating fast, I assumed Yukio was all the Xs in the two sentences, but he's not.
Yukio is the X in the first sentence. And Homare and/or Lucifer and/or the Illuminati as a group is the first X in the second sentence and Yukio is the second X in the second sentence.

Looking back at it, saying "Please find him" "It's good as long as we understand his whereabouts" makes perfect sense.

But like I said, I'm more used to hear "居場所/ibasho" in the sense of "place where one belongs". So, I misunderstood.

now [Yukio] wants Rin to commit fratricide, because why, exactly?
So now Yukio has gone from " I will be stronger than my brother" to "I want my brother to kill me so I won't be used by the order or the illuminati". His continued angst is now starting to feel annoying (unless Yukio is trying to trick his brother into nearly kill him to scare off Satan from his eyes) .
Yeah. Like xyzt said. That's what I think too.

Yukio thought to himself "After this, all that’s left is to…" followed by the memory of Shirou explaining "If you ever get possessed or parasitized by a demon, a "shock treatment" can be effective to get rid of it. If you hurt your body with enough force to make you think you might die, the demon won’t bear it and escape."
Then, when Yukio spoke with Rin, he said...
Yukio: Now, if I could die, it would be perfect.
Rin: … Die?
Yukio: My left eye is parasitized by Satan. He’s looking at Assiah through this eye.
Yukio: It seems Lucifer intends to use me in Satan’s revival somehow.
Yukio: As if I’m going to let myself be used.
Rin: !! What are you doing…?
Yukio: !??
Yukio: I told you, I’m parasitized by Satan.
Yukio: But he’s protecting his host.
Yukio: So, even if I want to die, I can’t die.
Yukio: Nii-san, you’re Satan’s illegitimate child, if it’s you, maybe you can kill me.
Yukio: Before I get used by a demon, do me a favor and kill me.
Yukio: Aaah.
Yukio: That’s right. Nii-san said he won’t fight with his little brother.
Yukio: Then, you’re just getting in my way.
Yukio: So, get out of here now.
Rin: … So that’s how it is.
Rin: I understand.
Rin: You don’t like to be made light of.
Yukio: … … … Ah?
Yukio: Did you listen to anything I said?
Yukio: I explained at great length- AH?
*Rin punches Yukio*
Rin: Oh shit. I’m stronger than before.
Rin: Yukiooooo!
Yukio: *cough*
Yukio: You never listen, do you?
Yukio: To what people tells you.
Rin: So, it seems like it’s true that Satan is protecting you!
Rin: Thank god.
Rin: … To me,
Rin: you were always the little brother with a weak body that I needed to protect.
Rin: But,
Rin: If you don’t like to be made light of, it can’t be helped.
Yukio: He’s not listening at all.

I think Yukio thought Rin would remember the "shock treatment" from his lessons and help with that. But he doesn't understand. So when Yukio is telling Rin he's not listening, he's not only asking him to listen, but also to read between the lines.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Spoiler moping thread
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Part 2
(click to show/hide)
[And… it cuts here. There should be a few more pages. At least two. But I don’t have them.]

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Spoiler moping thread
« on: June 02, 2020, 06:41:01 PM »

I want to understand what they're saying
Part 1
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Sorry, there's something else I have to do right now. I'll finish later.
(Even though Part 2 is probably the part you want to read the most... Hahaha)

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 120 ENG
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Shirou will need someone else to deliver his message to the Vatican.

"A good way to resist demonic possession is to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Eat well, sleep well and exercise well. That's the most important! So you should eat too."
Yukio didn't follow his father's advice.

Now we know that Shiro really wasn't trying to make them into weapons. Satan was spying on him the entire time, but what makes this so unfortunate is that Yukio knew and wanted to help him,
-HHHNNNNGGH Yukio knew about Shiro hearing Satan
-Shiro has been hearing Satan on and off and worrying about it THIS WHOLE TIME
This also means, when Yukio started hearing Satan he understood it was the same as what happened with Shirou.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 118 ENG
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I wonder if it makes more sense in the raw about what the clones were saying. In the English version those sounded completely nonsense. I was wondering if the recurrent "bird" implied they had seen Lucifer with bird mask
I went through the english version again and I noticed, the pages are not in order at all. Was it like that yesterday too? I guess yesterday I jumped right to the parts where I thought there might be mistranslations, so I didn't notice... Anyway.

For the bird question... First there's a typesetter mistake. On the page where everyone's blinded by Lucifer's flash, on the bottom right panel, the lines of the one talking about birds and Arthur saying he doesn't want to get away from the light, are reversed; They put "I don't wanna!" on the little one and "The bird?" on Arthur, it's the other way around. There's actually only one kid who keeps talking about birds. I'm not sure either what this kid wants to say, but she or he's saying "Tori ha?" which is hard to translate becsuse it could mean a lot of different things, as "What about the bird(s)?", "Where's the bird(s)?", "When is the bird(s) comming?", or any other type of questions, as long as the subject is "bird" or "birds". "Tori" means "bird(s)" and "ha" is a subject marker. In japanese people often omit part of sentences when it's concidered obvious in the contexte. The problem is, there's no context here. The kid isn't talking like a crazy person, but is talking like a person who assumes Rick understand the context, but he doesn't.
The other sentence about the "number's machine", said by that same kid, is also hard to understand without contexte, but I can still guess a few things. The kid says "Suuji (number) no ('s) kikai (machine) to (as/with) onaji (same) aji (taste) ha (*subject marker*)?". In japanese, people sometimes use the words for "taste"/"aji" or "smell"/"nioi" instead of "feel"/"kanjiru" when they want to say something "feels" like some other thing. I don't know if here it's used litterally as "taste" or figuratively as "feel". Either way, my guess of what that kid meant is, seeing Rick didn't understand what "bird(s)" she was talking about, to help him understand the kid added "(You know, the one) with the same taste as the number(s)'s machine(s)?" ... I think that, like you said, the "bird" is most likely refering to Lucifer. And I think the "numbers" might be refering to the kids and the "machines" might be refering to the test tubes. That's my guesses.

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