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Blue Exorcist (Manga) / What do you want to see in Ao No Exorcist?
« on: November 18, 2012, 04:59:50 AM »
What would you like to see in the Ao No Exorcist Manga/Anime? 8)

I mainly want to see the extent of all the different Miesters abilities.
(can Aria's do anything except fatal verses?)

I want to see more of the other characters besides just Rin.
I want more character development.
(we haven't seen many pages without Rin in them.)

I want to see what Mephisto is planning as well.

Forum Games / Ao No Exorcist Hurt/Heal (Push/Pull) Game
« on: November 17, 2012, 06:01:41 AM »
You can subtract 3x or add 2x points to a character each turn.
You only have a turn once every hour.
You copy the list from the post before you.
You can only heal a character to 50x points.
When a character runs out of points you drop them from the list.

Rin Okumura +30
Shiemi Moriyama +30
Ryūji Suguro +30
Izumo Kamiki +30
Renzō Shima +30
Konekomaru Miwa +30
Takara +30
Noriko Paku +30
Godaiin +30
Yukio Okumura +30
Shirō Fujimoto +30
Mephisto Pheles +30
Igor Neuhaus +30
Shura Kirigakure +30
Arthur Auguste Angel +30
Kaoru Tsubaki +30
Yuri Egin +30
Saburōta Toudou +30
Lightning +30
Kuro +30
Ukobach +30
Nii-chan +30
Byakko +30
Moorkin +30
Tatsuma Suguro +30
Yaozō Shima +30
Jūzō Shima +30
Mamushi Hōjō +30
Kinzō Shima +30
Uwabami Hōjō +30
Amaimon +30
Astaroth +30
Behemoth +30
Ernst Frederik Egin +30
Ms. Momoi +30
Nagatomo +30
Maruta +30       
Kyodo +30
Izumi +30
Yui Sakamoto +30
Reiji Shiratori +30
Yoshikuni XI +30

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