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Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Renzou and Secrets
« on: July 17, 2017, 03:58:06 AM »
In chapter 88, Izumo mentions the possibility of Renzou knowing something about why Shiemi quit exorcism. When confronted by this, he says that he may be a spy, but he doesn't know anything. When she then says that if he did know something and he wouldn't tell her, he says "Aww, come on...", in an almost disappointed like tone.

I do think that Renzou knows the reason Shiemi quit. He's Mephisto's spy after all, and Mephisto did say that Shiemi, along with all of the other exwires and Yukio, were indispensable pieces and that he couldn't afford to lose a single one. Mephisto could've told Renzou about why she quit and to keep an eye on her, since it's also implied that Mephisto had Amaimon join as a student so as to build pressure on Shiemi.

What do you think?  :D   

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / The Emperors
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:38:12 AM »
Ever since the concept of the Emperors appeared in chapter 87, I've been curious as to what they are and where they stand in relation to the Demon Kings. 

I believe that the Emperors are probably around the same strength as Mephisto is, considering the chart from volume 19, and the fact that Mephisto said that Lucifer was the most powerful demon in Gehenna. However, I find that strange since the title, "Emperor" holds more influence than the title of "King". We probably won't be able to see them in action, since they are crystallized to the point where they can't move anymore, so they need their nephilims to lead the Order.

Shemihaza is the leader of the Grigori, which makes sense since Shemihaza was also the name of the leader of a band of fallen angels in the Book of Enoch from which it was inspired. His title is the Emperor of Creation, which implies that he had some sort of part in the making of the world. His motif is plants, which goes well with his title.

Armumahel is the Emperor of Nothingness, which is a strange thing to be a ruler of. Is Nothingness supposed to be infinite space? It would make sense for his motif to be a blob of pitch black darkness, if that was the case.

Sorry for rambling. I just wanted to put my thoughts on the Emperors here, and to find out what you think of them! :D

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / God of Assiah
« on: May 07, 2017, 02:31:23 AM »
This is something that I've been wondering for a while. We know that Satan is considered the God of Gehenna and also as Gehenna itself. Since Gehenna and Assiah are mirror images of each other, I think that the possibility of a God of Assiah is very likely. 

However, it's also very confusing as we have people from multiple religions working in the True Cross Order. We also have seen that scriptures from the Bible and sutras from Buddhism work on exorcising demons. Does this mean that humans are just giving him different names and practicing worship to the same God and borrowing his power in order to defeat demons? Similar to how Uchuusma said that humans just ascribe names to demons and borrow their power? ???

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