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Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Shipping Thread!
« on: November 18, 2018, 08:58:32 AM »
there are toxic things about Shiro/Yuri, which is clearly NOT the case with Rin/Shiemi since they are a very healthy and beautiful friendship/relationship.

in summary, I feel yes, in aspect yes there is parallels between both ships, but they are also meant to contrast each other in showing "this is the healthy way to do this, and this one is not"

Shiro/Yuri's dynamic will, of course, change as we learn of the past, so my perspective can change, but so far this is how I see things.
Interestingly, in chapter 104 the story advance 9 more years and it doesn't seem like the relationship between Shiro and Yuri had any fundamental change despite hanging out together in their youth age. Of course, Yuri is still relatively young (around 25) at this moment and it's still possible in the next chapter Kato will say that in the past 9 years they had tried dating for a few times, but I wonder if the kiss in chapter 103 is already the highest moment of their dynamic.
And 1 more year passed in chapter 105. Nothing seems really happened between them even after Rick explicitly reminded Shiro. The ship seems sink ...

I don't come on here often, but um, gonna have to disagree here. them getting closer as friends DID change the dynamic with Shiro and Yuri, because while he's still an asshole they have a legit friendship and imo seems like even all those years she's had a lingering romantic interest in him.

and the new chapter did add to that, Rick brought that up and while not blatant, Shiro and Satan's rivalry isn't completely one-sided. Shiro whatever feelings he possibly has for Yuri is very hidden and he just ignores it, he does that with most real deep feelings for others or emotions in general and plays things off like it's not a big deal (like his traumatic childhood when he tried to backtrack and say it wasn't a big deal)

he's big on playing what he really feels that's deep off, which adds to him just sleeping around and not getting close to anyone for so long. some things changed, but I do believe he feels something for Yuri and this chapter reinforced that for me with him telling Yuri not to help Sec13 because she could get hurt, him volunteering to help her with Rinka when no one else would, and how immature he acted in the Satan situation, etc. he showed he cares more about what's going on with Yuri than he originally let on.

this is where it gets complicated, I interpret he DOES also have lingering feelings for Yuri he just ignores, and you interpret he doesn't. both is fine to do, but I honestly think the buildup Kato is doing in showing that kiss and Satan's jealously wouldn't be shown if there was nothing more to it.

but as I said, just how I see it.

Related Books & Stories / Re: Calendar 2019
« on: October 05, 2018, 02:42:40 AM »
Grace posted pictures from the calendar on tumblr, you can find 'em here.

Here are the images (again, credit goes to Grace, I'm just linking the images):
(click to show/hide)

I hadn't thought to post my pictures of the calendar here oof, thanks for doing that for me Earthforge!

it's a very beautiful calendar! I am working on scanning it, I'm thinking of just setting up a discord server dedicated to my AoEx scans so I can share them without feeling guilty about posting Kato's work publicly. like I LOVE to contribute to fandom, but have a fear I could get into trouble and still wanna encourage where I can others to still buy the stuff like the calendars and art books if possible.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Chapter 104 raws
« on: October 03, 2018, 03:24:16 PM »

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Shipping Thread!
« on: September 04, 2018, 07:00:22 PM »
I never really join in discussions, mainly for the fact I actually don't like debating, because I don't like stepping on anyone's toes over my perspective and proving who's right or wrong, but gonna add a bit of a different perspective to why there's a comparison of Rin/Shiemi to Shiro/Yuri, for me it's not in thinking they are ACTUALLY similar ships.

I think there is a slight misconception with the comparison some of us are making between Rin/Shiemi and Shiro/Yuri, they aren’t similar per se in dynamic of how they treat each other, but there are specific moments meant to parallel scenes that have happened with Rin and Shiemi (like when Yuri called Shiro warm/hugged him, was totally meant to parallel that scene Shiemi called Rin's "flames" warm, or in the new chapter Yuri being rather straightforward saying she likes Shiro, Which similarily Rin did with Shiemi and both got rejected more or less) paralleling things doesn’t automatically equal the dynamics being exactly the same, plus Shiro/Yuri is kinda set up to be seen as a “tragedy” and how to do things the wrong way, it's not supposed to be seen as ideal
which in contrast Rin/Shiemi is a “happy” or more so happier story, about defying the odds and how to do things right. that’s the only parts I really compare the two ships, not sure how others perceive that though.

there are toxic things about Shiro/Yuri, which is clearly NOT the case with Rin/Shiemi since they are a very healthy and beautiful friendship/relationship.

in summary, I feel yes, in aspect yes there is parallels between both ships, but they are also meant to contrast each other in showing "this is the healthy way to do this, and this one is not"

Shiro/Yuri's dynamic will, of course, change as we learn of the past, so my perspective can change, but so far this is how I see things.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Chapter 103 raws
« on: September 03, 2018, 03:37:29 PM »

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Random stuff you noticed
« on: June 23, 2018, 08:14:03 PM »
In fact, the tumblr community bends over backwards to not offend. When the unpopular opinions thread came up, everyone was pretty diplomatic, no fans attacked each other, and there was still drama.

I also am disturbed by how the RinShi community acts like they're so unpopular and attacked, when I've talked with fans of actually unpopular ships who have deleted art because of hate. This is the fourth time I've seen a passive aggressive post about people saying mean things about RinShi, and the second that is in reaction to something that has probably been said by one person rather than a widespread community. I don't like it one bit.

out of topic technically so, putting this here because I feel I owe this apology.
(click to show/hide)

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Random stuff you noticed
« on: June 23, 2018, 06:25:54 PM »
Who is Neefa?

gokusdonut, my bad! we know each other elsewhere and I typically refer to her as Neefa, didn't mean to confuse you on that.

I never said he was going out with them or took their relationship seriously. No one would take him seriously anyway, he was a poor guy who was raised in the monastery, he was a troublemaker and everyone thought of him as a monster, so he couldn't stand a chance + he always ran away from school, so he never knew how it was to have real friends, let alone having a girlfriend. So yea, those were all crushes and Shiemi was the real deal, that's what I was talking about.
Well, if you want to perceive it that way, we can assume that Rin had many crushes (that's what I was thinking when saying he could fall in love easier). And don't tell me Rin is such an innocent guy, he reads porn with Shima and he wants to cuddle and do kissy kissy stuff with Shiemi, Shiemi was all WTF?! when he told her that. OK, we can't really compare Rin and Shima in that matter because Shima is a classic pervert while Rin is just plain awkward when speaking of romance, but he has still space to grow. He'll learn. That's why I like Rin more than Shima, Shima is just... ugh that guy is gross.
On the other hand, Yukio didn't have problems with that. Girls were those who had crushes on him, but he didn't give a damn because school was everything that mattered + he was afraid of their and everyone's opinion, he always thought he wasn't good enough and that's why he always kept distance. Yukio only feels comfortable with a person he really knows, so relationships with schoolmates were almost impossible. This is also the reason why he has fallen in love with Shiemi.

I'll go back through and respond later, but I wanted to say, my response wasn't meant in a rude way, I was trying to kindly disagree. seems the misunderstanding here on what you meant had to do with your general wording, I meant no disrespect in pointing out the areas I disagree with. I'll elaborate on my thoughts later when I have the time.

I rarely share my thoughts on conversations here, so I'm very sorry if my response came across badly, it wasn't my intentions in the least.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Random stuff you noticed
« on: June 23, 2018, 02:21:48 PM »
This isn't pertaining to the manga, per se, and isn't exactly random, but it's something I noticed that seems to be widely and unironically accepted in this fandom. Rin went to elementary and middle school, despite dropping out of the latter somewhere down the line. And it would be completely unorthodox to think that Shiemi was the first girl he ever met because of it.

The idea that Rin never liked anyone or never liked a girl until he met her is just plain silly.

yeah, I think this gets overlooked. he probably had girls he was interested in/a possible crush. though gotta add: Shiemi is the first girl he's ever actually been in love with.

^Yea I'm sure he had many love interest before, his favorite type of girl is hot and sexy one. I think Rin is a type of guy who can fall in love easily, while Yukio likes personalities about a certain girl and therefore it takes him longer to fall in love with someone.

gonna disagree here, and this probably was NOT Neefa's point. Rin probably had interests/a possible crush on other girls before, Shiemi is definitely his first time being in love and not just a fleeting crush from afar (which is another thing to take into account, Rin was still an outcast during that time, and I bet with his luck if he DID have a crush, the girl would have liked Yukio, which seems to be something Rin is used to)

also, this kinda undermines Rin and makes his feelings seem fleeting and like just because he is also attracted to the girl he likes, that personality doesn't play into it, which is inaccurate. Like I said, Rin's probably been interested in other girls before, but NEVER in love before Shiemi, which is the big difference (also, as such how he had something to compare his feelings too) so I wouldn't say Rin falls in love easier, also it's a mix of yes, being attracted to the person in question but also who they are.

just wanted to add some of my thoughts on this.

so, I wrote on tumblr about it already, but I'm planning to scan the AoEx guidebook from cover-to-cover, might make having resources to find certain things easier I figure.

I know there are quite a few translations of things from it floating around (and I’ve read them) but just in case some other stuff that hasn’t been translated that might be important/someone found worth translating, and someone doesn't have access to it to translate it otherwise, I figure it’d be nice for me to help with that if I can.

not sure when I'll actually get around to doing this though, but I'll update once I do.

also because I'm scared of getting into trouble legally, when I do this the link will, unfortunately, have to be given privately ^^; (but I'll give it asap to anyone who needs it, otherwise there's no point in me doing this plus I'm not trying to be exclusive with the link, defeats the purpose of me doing this lol just scared of getting into trouble)
however, I don't care if you post stuff from it or whatnot once the link is given, because that has nothing to do with the link itself.

still find it unfortunate that I feel Viz is unlikely to ever do an official translation of the guidebook.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Spoiler moping thread
« on: June 01, 2018, 02:39:30 PM »
tomorrow or the day after should be the chapter 100 raws! dang, I'm so nervous about what might happen!

looking forward to the twins backstory so much though because finally some answers. admittedly though, I still find myself thinking more about Shiemi's current situation equally as much, so I find myself also wanting focus on that lol.

Fan Works / Re: Ao no Exorcist Fandom Events list thread
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:45:36 PM »
also almost forgot to post these but the info/prompts posts for both Rizumo Week 2018 and Shizumo Week 2018 are up.

Rizumo Week 2018 info/prompts post. - will be held February 12th ­­— 18.
Shizumo Week 2018 info/prompts post. - will be held April 1st ­­— 7th.

once all of this year's events are over, I'll just combine all the posts I'm making rn as a reminder into one.

Fan Works / Re: Ao no Exorcist Fandom Events list thread
« on: February 05, 2018, 10:32:28 PM »
the info/prompts post for RinShi Week 2018 is up, and so is the Shiemi Appreciation Week post! I'll link both.

RinShi Week 2018 info/prompts post. - will be held March 6th ­­— 12th.
Shiemi Moriyama Week 2018 info/prompts post. - will be held February 28th ­­— March 6th.

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Chapter 98 (raws)
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:35:15 PM »
here's the raws!

I'm literally screaming

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Re: Chapter 96 discussion (raws)
« on: December 03, 2017, 04:15:11 PM »
(Use this link to load it faster.)

Okay. I literally yelled "what the fuck" at the top of my lungs at the last page. I... wow.

Rin got pissed.
Eye activated.

What the FUCK.

oh! it did load faster! thanks! updated my first post with that one instead!

Blue Exorcist (Manga) / Chapter 96 discussion (raws)
« on: December 03, 2017, 03:56:03 PM »
chapter 96 raws are out!

(the website is really slow today, so I'm gonna cry because I'm still trying to just look at the raws)

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