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Title: A Character Most Like You
Post by: SimpleBliss on December 03, 2016, 09:22:03 PM
Have any of you found a character that reminds you exactly of yourself? Not necessarily in looks (but it could be that too) but also in terms of personality. Maybe they're completely different from you and yet you can relate to them by some other connection.

Either way, have there been any characters in the history of anime that have stood out to you as being you?

I ask this because after watching Mob Psycho 100, I found a character who reminds me of myself in so many ways. Like, down to the biography. It's so interesting to watch him.

And it happens to be this loser:


Hanazawa Teruki! Except I hate his fan representation. But the canon Teru? Amazing.

What about you guys?
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: earthforge on December 04, 2016, 07:43:26 PM
Physically? Haha, no way. I can't think of a young blonde blue-eyed woman in any media who also looks somewhat chubby and masculine-looking.

Personality-wise? Unfortunately Yukio from AoEx. A lot of his problems with overwork, needing to do everything on his own, deep self-loathing, and insane stubbornness all while maintaining an "everything is fine" demeanor remind me of my own pathologies. I feel that everything I care about could disappear in a second. That no matter how many accomplishments I have, no matter how many rabbits I pull out of my hat, it won't be enough. Some of Yukio's maladaptations (burying emotions and shutting out others) are extremely familiar.

When I first started this manga, I was prepared to despise the well-adjusted smart guy that I've seen so many times before. Then we got chapter 2, 16, and finally 29. Yukio's bad personality has kept me reading this manga for 6+ years.
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: facets-and-rainbows on December 04, 2016, 09:20:14 PM
I have Lightning's career goals and Yukio's coping skills. Winner.

Though if anyone follows Welcome to Night Vale, Carlos is basically what would happen if my life was lived by an attractive gay man in the Twilight Zone, so I've got that going for me.
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: timebunny526 on December 16, 2016, 08:32:36 PM
Yotsuba Koiwai from the adorable series Yostubato& acts just like me when I was her age. From walking straight into the neighbors house with out knocking to playing with all the people in the neighborhood! I find it really nostalgic each time I read a new chapter since it's just how I remember my childhood was like. It's silly how many chapters I can say have actually happened to me. Physically though no characters come to mind... I don't remember any characters that have curly hair and random scars around their face. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: justicecadet on December 18, 2016, 03:16:12 AM
Hanazawa Teruki! Except I hate his fan representation. But the canon Teru? Amazing.

What about you guys?
I'm interested in what you think his fan rep is like compared to canon?
I don't remember if you were the one who didn't like Ritsu and Shou but I like Ritsu. Characters like Ritsu and Yukio I can identify with. Overachievers with high expectations placed on them but feel like they aren't reaching their goals or happiness. Also difficulty expressing their emotions, no close relations outside of family but also having tumultuous family relations. I'll try to think of some happier or female characters too.
I think i might slightly resemble Izumo just in my petite nature and dark hime cut. I also have that resting scowl. Of course with my two tone hair I'm also tempted to say Toudou or Bon's hair. It never became white so it's still sort of a blonde streak. I actually can't think of that many other characters i like with hime cut or dark hair with a blonde streak.
When i was younger and first started reading manga characters like Hinata (Naruto) really struck a chord with me because I was very shy and quiet and rooted for the quiet girls. 
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: WhiteFang on November 17, 2017, 04:05:58 PM
I've related with a lot of characters in my history of anime watching. I guess it also varies wildly depending on my overall state at a given point - eh, perhaps I *am* a chameleon of some sort. :P

Overall personality wise though, I fit Rukia from Bleach quite a lot, and then Ruby from RWBY (both looks and personality). They sum me up in a nutshell, in many ways, simple minded, sometimes bullheaded to a fault, etc. But I do have deeper philosophical and nihilistic baggage that I definitely do carry around a lot of the time, with a sense of total isolation and sort of passive apathy, borderline arrogance. Then I can be likened to Makishima from Psycho-Pass.

Although I don't share a lot of his traits, I can empathise strongly with Yukio in AnEx. Also Rin. I'm like a strange hybrid of their antagonistic traits, with some Lightening thrown in there. It's very funny.
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: HorseTechie on November 18, 2017, 04:51:15 AM
Ehh... I'm often a mix of different characters, due to the nature of my personality. I'm not very social, sometimes lacking confidence, but I do my best to act nice and not sound too naive. Even though I admire smart characters, I'm not really that smart. (sigh)

I guess SheimI is closest to me, though I can also get as snarky as Izumo if people get on my defensive side.

Now, on a slightly different spin on this, there is this 16 year old guy at the Tae Kwon Do school I go to who looks like an American version of Yukio. I am serious... the kid is also a Junior Instructor 2nd Dan Back Belt getting ready to rest for 3rd Dan. His hair cut (which is dark brown), his dark frame glasses, and his pale skin.. I swear, he is also the same height and weight!  He also does well at school, as well as when he's at the dojang. But he's quiet and doesn't goof off like the other teens are prone too.  Fortunately, this kid doesn't seem to have any concerning.. mental issues, like the real Yukio. He just looks like Yukio's Anglo-Saxon doppelganger (and I so help me that I don't call him Yukio out loud, by accident!)
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: Kannra21 on March 09, 2018, 03:11:54 PM
Haha that's interesting!XD

The thing is, I don’t really know who I am and therefore I’m something like a multiperson just like HorseTechie said!

Ok, I think of myself (and that doesn’t necessarily have to be so) that in privacy and with my friends, I'm very relaxed and crackin’ bad jokes that are accompanied by a slight sarcasm, so I dunno if I could associate this more with Izumo or Shura. On the other hand, I can also resemble Yukio when in school and among authorities cuz then I havvta be serious, well-mannered and other borin’ stuff, ugh I hate to be fake to myself.-_-

I can say that I’m one of the better students in our class and that I’m somehow prominent, which I don’t like to be as some of them treat me with respect and I hate that cuz I’m a pretty much laid back person. I like to slack off and sleep for a long time, hang on the internet and listen to music. I don’t drink, smoke, doin’ drugs etc. so I have some similarities with Rin and Shiemi for gettin’ shy before people who I look up to. I love cats like Koneko and I love fast food like Lightnin’ (but I havvta eat healthy food so I won’t get fat, I look good and I love my body^^).

Sometimes I like to play with people and mock their intelligence like Mephisto and sometimes I close myself and go mind my own business like Suguro. I hate my family just like Shima (I’m ungrateful) and sometimes I'm just nice and being a good friend like Paku.

I’m everything! I don’t know how to describe it but the closest thing that would fit me is that I'm Shura who doesn’t drink or Yukio who isn’t depressed. I think I'm a female version of Yukio! I used to play quizzes on that subject and I would always get Yukio. I think I understand him better and we always have the same reaction to almost everything (me and him are more twins than Rin would ever be). And btw, I'm an INTJ.

The people with whom I can at least associate are the Kyoto trio, Amaimon and Izumo. We are a totally different world.

So yes, I'm mostly like Yukio. I was thinking about drawing many pictures of him answering your questions like making a "Ask-Yukio" stack and I'd be sendin’ my works in "My Artworks" topic! I'll try my best to stay in canon and answer any question with strong accuracy. That would be really fun!^^

Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: chinonamida on March 09, 2018, 09:05:53 PM
That's more interesting reading other's post than writing this one. X)
But just to be fair, here.
As I said a few times in the past in other threads, the first time I had that impression was with Rin. I live in the moment, I'm somewhat of an idiot, and I can be rough sometimes, but at the end of the day I'm unmistakably a good guy. Plus the problems finding a job. And the fact he grew up in a church is a similarity you just don't expect. We're not that different physically too, when I think about it. I'd have to check, but I think we're also almost the exact same height and weight. But, funnily enough, when I was a very young kid, I was actually a lot like Shiemi at that same age. Until I was 6, there was practically no kids my age where I lived. There was also no television. And the internet was barely even a thing at that time. Then I moved to some place where there were kids, and televisions, video games, manga, etc. Though I stayed the same for a while. Then, as I was on my way to become some silent teddybear like Mori from Ouran (though this manga didn't even exist yet), the other kids at the end of elementary school and the start of highschool couln't help but anoy the hell out of the silent guy, and as I started playing/fighting with them, I more or less slowly became very rowdy and arrogant, like most characters from Dragon Ball and Yu-Gi-Oh and One Piece, and eventually Mugen from Samurai Champloo too. Though, unlike these characters, I was also some sort of tsundere (even though that word wasn't even popular yet). Then I started martial arts, and I had to completly stop the arrogant act. It's easy to act arrogant when you're only fighting other kids who have no fighting skills just like you, but when you have practically none and you face someone who even has just a little more or worse if he has a lot more, you absolutly can't stay arrogant. So, for that time, I'm not sure who to compare myself with... Maybe Genos from One Punch Man? I had the "Please teach me Sensei/Senpai. You've got my full attention. I'll do everything you say." attitude, plus the discipline and hard work. But outside of training, I was just trying to live an easy life. I had no big mission and even less any vendetta like Genos has. Then, when I stopped my intense training in martial arts to become a translator, my easygoing side really took over. Wich may be compared to Yasaburou from Uchouten Kazoku. Actually, seeing this anime made me want to become even more easy-going, if that's even possible... And I shouldn't forget to mention Sword of the Stranger. I saw that movie a few years after it was released and some time after I gave up on martial arts as a profession, and it somehow helped me turn the page. When Kotarou asks Nanashi to teach him how to use a sword and he refuses, while I was wondering why he refused, I think I ended up feeling like him in realizeing that even though I'm glad I learned, I'm also glad I stopped, and even if Kotarou has a good point, I really wouldn't feel like teaching anyone.
Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: EmeryBrycen on January 15, 2022, 07:06:45 PM
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Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
Post by: DanielAdams on January 21, 2022, 10:05:32 AM
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Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
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Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
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Title: Re: A Character Most Like You
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